Announcement – Citrix Project Satori

Project Satori is the result of a collaborative agreement between XenSource and Microsoft, and was carried forward after XenSource was acquired by Citrix Systems. The base Satori components are released by Microsoft as the Linux Integration Components for Hyper-V, and provide support for paravirtualized XenLinux guests running on Hyper-V.
A major usability issue with the original Satori project is around Hyper-V’s handling of input devices. When accessing the console of a Hyper-V host via Terminal Services or Remote Desktop there is no mouse support available for the consoles of non-paravirtualized (“unenlightened”) guests, and accessing the host console directly results in a “captured” mouse experience for guest consoles that is difficult to use. This is true for both Windows and Linux guests, and Microsoft provides an enlightened mouse driver along with disk and network drivers for Windows guests. As a result Citrix agreed to develop a enlightened mouse driver for Linux guests running on Hyper-V, known as the InputVSC driver, which is released here.

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